Youth Vision Projects

Our Youth Vision Projects, consisting of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, guided by our 5CPSP, are an inclusive means to examine the sensitivities and create an educational display that promotes unity. 

Since 2002, d3 Artworks Inc. has installed over

17 Youth Vision Cultural Artwork Projects

in Newfoundland and the Waterloo Region of Ontario.

Some of these projects include

The Concordia Club of Kitchener, Cambridge YMCA Youth Centre Z, Galt Arena Gardens, St. Louis Adult Learning Centre,The Galt Legion, Glenview Park Secondary School, Fire Hall Museum, Pipes and Rails Skate Park, ROOF "Reaching Our Outdoor Friends", Galt Little Theatre, Lang's Farm Village Association, Grand River Film Festival,

Cambridge Humane Society, Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre (St. Paul's) and the 

Indigenous Reconciliation Youth Art Project.

“Believe in the Positive Impact of Public Artwork”